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1/2 Cord
  • Local Hardwood
  • Split & Seasoned
  • Delivery Charge per Mile
Fall 2023
Full Cord
  • Local Hardwood
  • Split & Seasoned
  • Delivery Charge per Mile
Fall 2023
Full or 1/2 Cord
  • Local Hardwood
  • Save Money
  • No Delivery Charge
  • Please Call Ahead

You can never have too much firewood!

Why waste gas? Why waste electricity? Keep your home warm and comfortable with a wood burning stove. With our service you can have your home or business well stocked with some of the best hardwoods available in Fairfield County. All wood is measured two times ensuring you are getting the correct amount of wood you ordered.  We take the guess work out of finding a firewood company you can depend on!  We can deliver as little as a half cord or as much as five cord with some restrictions.

The best firewood comes from local hardwoods

We contract with local tree companies to receive their hardwood logs at Maple Row Farm. Then, using our Blockbuster Firewood Processor, we will manipulate the timber, cutting it into appropriately sized pieces. This high-tech approach helps to reduce the risk of injury to workers, improve the efficiency of turnaround, and cuts down on unnecessary waste.

If you’re looking for a place to deposit your surplus; we would love to help relieve you of unwanted timber.

A Note to Tree Companies


Mulch Yard & Mailing Address:
229 Stepney Road Easton, CT 06612
Visiting the Farm:
555 North Park Avenue, Easton, CT


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November 18 - December 23
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