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Lucerne Farms MAINELY MULCH is the best option for mulching your lawn or garden. It conserves moisture, inhabits weeds, and self-decomposes. A combination of chopped hay & straw that’s been dehydrated at high temperatures to destroy noxious weed seeds, fungus and mold, providing an excellent grass seeding mulch.

  • Hi temperature dried to help eliminate weed seeds
  • Proprietary blend of hay and straw
  • Ideal when seeding a new lawn
  • Designed to not blow once wet
  • No need to rake off
  • Superior Coverage
  • Can be used as a gardening mulch

Content compressed to yield coverage up to 500 sq. ft. when evenly applied at a depth of 1/4″.

Net Contents:2.4 cubic feet (68 liters)


As gardening mulch, apply between 2-4″ inches. Water MAINELY MULCH immediately. This will keep the mulch where it is placed. One bale will cover roughly 125 sq. ft. when applied at one inch thick.

Spread 1/4: inch over newly planted grass seed and wet. MAINELY MULCH will biodegrade in 3-4 weeks, leaving you nothing to rake off. One bale will cover 500 sq. ft. at a 1/4″ thick.

MAINELY MULCH can also be used for erosion control, pet and poultry bedding, and nesting boxes.



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  1. I was so glad to find this here. I had to substitute a few years ago but wasn’t as good. Now that I know Maple Row sells it this will be my go to place. Mainly Mulch just spreads to easily and the content is much cleaner.

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