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One of the most common weed concerns in lawn care, is crabgrass. This pesky weed will appear in lawns in the spring, but prevention is the key to control. Crabgrass is a warm-season annual grass. It can only reappear, year after year – from germinating seeds. So the best way to thwart it, is to apply preemergence herbicides prior to the seeds germinating. Crabgrass prevention and spring fertilization can be done at the same time with an enhanced efficiency fertilizer such as GreenView with GreenSmart Crabgrass Control plus Lawn Food.

– Prevents crabgrass all season
– Controls or suppresses over 30 additional grassy and broadleaf weeds as listed on the label
– Restores nutrients to the soil
– Speeds root growth to improve nutrient absorption and helps lawns retain water to protect against drought
– Apply in spring
– Features both immediate release and time-released nitrogen
– Provides continuous feeding for up to 8 weeks
– Delivers pre-emergent control of crabgrass and post-emergent crabgrass control up to approximately 4 weeks after germination

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